About Us

Greetings, I started this business with the aspiration of proving that there are still good, honest mortgage professionals who want the best for their clients. Coming from a single parent home, I realize the value of a dollar and the importance of budgeting, at the early age. At times, life was rough for my family, but despite our circumstances, we always know that we are in the greatest nation in the world and we have to make a contribution to it in our own way. At home and still now, we learn to appreciate how hard work, no matter what the situation, could connect us to the ideal our forefathers envisioned: the American Dream.


In the current economy’s ever changing market, honest, trustworthy mortgage professionals couldn’t be more important. The majority of Americans have house payments that account for over 40% of their monthly expenditures. This excludes other essentials, such as utilities and food. Lucky are those few Americans who have dodged the bullet of medical expenses, which serve as a primary reason many people file bankruptcy.


Prior to starting my own business, I worked for one of the country’s largest mortgage lenders. Like many others, I was drawn to it because of its size, stability, long history and name recognition. After being acclimated to the system of how things worked with this company, I didn’t agree with the direction. Our clients’ best interests were not prioritized. For example, as is the case at most large banks, clients were charged a flat origination fee of four points, regardless of the size of their loans.  This meant that a small $100,000 loan had $4,000 added to the principal and a $300,000 loan would carry an additional $12,000 not including other fees. It didn’t matter if the client was a single parent struggling to make ends meet or a stable middle class family who could use extra funds to go toward the ever-increasing costs of childcare, private school or college tuition. At this company, the smaller guys at the bottom had to follow such guidelines from corporate above, despite what was in our hearts. I knew I had to leave this organization, in which performance was driven based on a culture that could not settle in my heart, despite the continued profits that were made quarterly. The line had to be drawn, and that was the day I turned in my resignation. The result of my decision is the company you know today as United Mortgage Brokers.


When I left corporate, I took a leap of faith.   Though no opportunities had been secured at that time, I was going to stay in the business and make an impact with my ideals and beliefs. One such belief is that everyone deserves to be treated with integrity and respect, and not just as a walking dollar sign. No one should be ripped off by someone who is simply planning his or her next trip to Bora Bora with the money he or she will make from such a dirty deal.


This company thrives with the goal of taking every opportunity to help people and show that we care. At United Mortgage Brokers, we go the extra mile with our clients. If we see that your homeowner’s insurance is overpriced, we point out potential savings. For identical coverage, I’ve seen some polices overpriced by as much as 65-80%. Whereas most mortgage professionals know this, but only care about their commission, we concentrate on creating remarkable experiences for our clients. I once helped a customer lower her rate and month payments outside of the mortgage. I introduced her to a local insurance agent who was able to cut her homeowner’s insurance premium from $750 to $400 and her car payment from $160 to $98 per month. Can you think of what you would do with an extra $1,094 per year? Maybe you could use it for your own trip to Bora Bora! This is what United Mortgage Brokers is about: trust, integrity, and going the extra mile. I believe in helping my customers to the fullest extent of my knowledge and power. You deserve it!



Christopher Daniel

Coastal Lending Group